Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hey fellow grinders,
A little call to arms. ZMAG, an incredible publication and resource for radical journalism/commentary/forums/networking/politics and other such great things, is in urgent need of financial support. Economic times are tough for us all, and the independent quarterlies/magazines/zines are getting hit the hardest out of the published media outlets. ZMAG has been a critical and crucial source of independent reporting and journalism for the last 22 years, but they are facing a potential demise as early as January of this next year! If we let publications such as this fade out and die then we are only hurting ourselves as the access to non-corporate/independent sources of information gathering becomes increasingly difficult to obtain. Posting messages like this isn't really my style but in this case I felt it necessary. So please, please go to www.zmag.org and show your support to our fellows in arms, and those that are more willing than most to dig and trudge through beaurocratic muck and corporate filth to bring us uncompromising insight into the events we may otherwise not even hear about (at least not until political motivation to release the information). Spread the word! Support DIY culture! Fuck off Rupert!

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Noam Chomsky on ZMAG:

"We live in an era of media concentration, vast efforts on many fronts (political, economic, military, ideological) to insulate state and private power from critical discussion or even popular awareness, and to reduce citizens to isolated atomized creatures restricted to satisfying personal 'created wants.' This massive and coordinated campaign has been partially successful, but only in a limited way.

The range and scope and dedication of popular activism has also increased, all over the world, reaching a level of international solidarity and mutual support that has never been seen before. The basic conflicts are very old, but they have taken quite dramatic and significant new forms, and the stakes are far higher than ever before. It is, regrettably, no exaggeration to say that the survival of the species is at risk -- and many others with it. We all know why.

The popular movements are the hope for a decent future. They of course have to have access to information and modes of interaction. In addition to alternative print and video, to a very large extent they have relied on the internet, which allows people to escape from the constraints of the doctrinal systems, to explore and investigate and discuss crucial issues with one another, to plan and organize.

Z Magazine and ZNet have played a crucial role in serving all of these functions. I see that every day. I travel and speak constantly, in the U.S. and abroad, and spend many hours a day just responding to inquiries and comments. I constantly discover that the people and organizations I come in contact with are relying very substantially on Z projects for information, discussion, and opportunities for interaction and organizing, to an extent that is quite remarkable. Z is also an invaluable resource for me personally, in all of these respects, and also in my case for providing a forum for intense and very constructive discussion, the only one I regularly participate in. And for posting articles, interviews, commentaries, etc., of mine. I know that many others have very much the same experience.

It is of inestimable importance, in my judgment, that Z and ZNet now composing ZCom, expand and flourish, along with their various other projects such as their growing video efforts and incomparable summer school, arguably the most exciting and instructive I have ever encountered.

Again, I do not think it is possible to exaggerate the stakes.

I hope that all of us who are committed to resisting and reversing the powerful currents of reaction and oppression and violence, and showing that another world is indeed possible, will contribute as best we can to ensure that the remarkable achievements of Z and ZNet will be carried forward."

Noam Chomsky

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